I am wholly yours - you are everything to me; we will sustain each other in all the ills of life it may please fate to inflict upon us; you will soothe my troubles; I will comfort you in yours.  - Dennis Diderot 1759


I was placed on this earth to tell you everyday you are amazing,  I appreciate how hard you work,  how you make my soul laugh,  and how my love for you goes beyond words.   It is hard, it is different, but I believe it was meant to be. 


Everything is excruciating now  He takes so much with him when he says goodbye  I climb into this opaque space To have and not have To miss and to; you should not miss To wonder and to envy an unknown  Depressed in another form; the form of love  Love should not share this unclear space  Love …

Checking In

She is an only child that try's not to appear that the world should revolve around her. She try's to be normal. She try's to be socially conscious. She try's to care about the others. But, because the world revolves around the sun, she feels alone. Maybe she is spoiled. A devastating thought. The world …