You may already be asleep, if so, goodnight my love.  There are not enough words on this planet that could describe how important you've become in my world. It's scary some days to think about how I've changed.  Sometimes change is just that; change.  You've changed me... For the better, it's cliché For the worse. …

In Anger

via Daily Prompt: Final He angers every cell in her existance and the rage feels like home.  The final destination for her love to lie.  She moves through her day as though he does not exist trying to make him not exist.  Every sound, every smell, every quite thought brings her back to him.  She feels …

Her Voice

(Inspiration anywhere... Inspiration everywhere...)  He gave her a voice to be heard. She liked the sound of her voice. 

I love you beyond a complete existence.  I loved you before I knew I existed. When I formed, you were there.  Your love invaded my development.  It mentored me as I grew.  Held me when I stunted. Pushed me forward as I blossomed.  Love gave me my first and promised to be my last.