His Story

Numbers never mattered, but they were always counted He revealed, she withdrew She remembered every single time A number He loved hard and all that lie in between were space Fillers A role which he needed to play in order to feel he'd left a mark in the world Made them feel, special? Confused. He …


She miss him Officially the longest apart seems silly as the longest was before they met A life before they met seems unimaginable What was before She only understands after To go back to a life before defies understanding

Her Guard

The first time she knows It's unsafe Her guard is non-existent A terrifying and lonely space Her guard is her cover; her cape He is... He removes her... Now her heart battles her head Fuck! She leads with her head as it protects her from what her heart desires Safety - he will not protect …

Just waiting

She thought, this is supposed to be a good thing, right? Single Figuring out what she wants, right? Having her time, right? She don't need no man girlllll, right? Still waiting for it to feel ok, right?