Love for someone else’s love…

Every time I start a blog, I make this one of my first post.  Your love for someone else’s love can be beautiful and heartbreaking.  Could you love another one’s love?

January 2011:

What if you met the man of your dreams, but…

He was already someone else’s dream?

The circumstances were all wrong. He was married, you were not? You were married, he was not.

Could you wait?

Could you sit sideline, could you JUST be his friend?

Could you listen to his love for her, his devotion to her, his devotion to his life without you?

Could you cheer for him knowing she’s cheering too?

Could you have his back when you know she has his heart?

Could you wait your turn? Would you be ok with being picked last?

If your last thought before you closed your eyes is him, but his last is her, could you sleep?

If no one in your life would approved, if he broke every rule that you could devise, could you keep him a secret?

If he was 10, 20, 30 years your senior, could you walk away?

Could you down play the anticipation of your next meeting, could you play it cool?

Could you patiently wait until the next time he has time for you?

If you had his attention, if just for a moment, would you want to say goodbye, would you be able to say goodbye?

What if you met the man of your dreams, the man you knew you could never have?

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