Love is stupid when you’re alone

It’s everywhere…

The song, the post, all up in her notifications.

She wants boxes checked that she doesn’t even know exist.

She wants him to prioritize her.

She wants laughter,

She wants him to feel concerned.

She doesn’t want him to forget.

She wants to learn from him.

She wants to be apart of his unconscious.

She wants to compliment him, not complete him.

No one sees that she is falling apart

In the dark hours of the morning, she pulls out her spine and melts to the floor

All her insecurities flow through her veins

All her strength has left

Loneliness greets her with its cold hand and reminds her no one cares


In his presence, she is inspired

Outside she is lost

Goodbye is like a knife to warm bread. It’s smooth, subtle, but complete

It’s angers her that together, she is alive

Apart she dies

Apart she is confused about passion

Apart she is comfortable

Apart she lets fear win