I will not tell you a love story

I do not have a typical love story to tell. 

There was no first sight; there was no courtship. There were no long walks in the park, no late night dinner and dancing. There were no eyes that locked in an intense gaze. There was no moment of, “this is where I belong, this is where I should be”. 

There were no late night phone calls until sunrise. No, “you say goodbye first”.  There was no first I love you, “no, you say it first”. There is no relation-ship.  

There has been no, “mom, dad, this is her…”.  No nervous introductions. 

There have been no kisses in the rain, no love making under the moonlight, no lingering scent of him.  No anticipation of the next, and the next, and the next…
There have been no first arguments. No first heartbreak. No first, “please take me back”. No first tears. 

there is just love…

My love without a story. 

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