Her:  I watch him as he sleeps and I melt with every breath he takes. My heart skips when he adjusts next to me.  He is next to me….  I have loved before, but this may be a first true love.  I thought I knew that space, but I was wrong. He has been beyond different. My prior love has always been accompanied with what’s the next best thing. This love is my next best thing, and there are no thoughts beyond him. This is love. My first has become my last.

Him:  He has not shown me I am his first and his last.  I am only his in between. His moment in time. His feel good right now. His love for me is familiar to him. He’s been in this space. I am no different than his first. He doesn’t melt for me because he’s melted for his first. I am next to him vying for his first. 

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