Love Story…


He came back
She was in the highlight of her life when she felt her life was at its’ lowest.
They re-met in winter, but in the South, so the weather was warm. They had known of each other for almost a decade, but this time they were both open.

She was feeling sexy when she walked into the room that night. Her marriage was…, and she needed to feel, felt. She needed to exist if just for one night. She had picked out the sexiest age appropriate dress she could find. For that night, she wanted to drink, let loose, and forget her life. She was attending her company’s annual management conference. It was an event she had attended for a decade and this year, she only wanted attend mildly intoxicated. Professionally, it had been an difficult year.

Ding: Hey You
What?!?! She thought, it’s him. She stopped breathing.
Typing: Oh my, hello stranger. What is happening? Delete, delete, delete.  Hey, how are you?
Ding: I’m back with the company
She felt a drop in her stomach. He’s back. He left and she concluded she would never see him again. Now he’s….back
Ding: Are you there?
Typing: Yes, yes I’m here. You’re back? How are you?
Ding: I’m good. Will I see you tonight at the team building event?
Typing: Yes, can’t wait to see you again. Glad you’re back with the company.

She thought, this entire evening has changed.

She rushed through her mommy errands so that she could have two minutes to breath before; him.  He was the one that got away.  No! The one that she never tried, but always wanted to try….  She had said goodbye two year ago and now he was back.  She hated him when he said goodbye. Why was his hello….breathtaking?

Ding:  I’m in the building and on my way upstairs.


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