Am I the love of his life?

22 Questions

Do you wake up feeling that a piece of you has left?

Going through the day feeling slightly incomplete. Something is missing and you can’t quite attach.

Do you carry on through your normalities wondering am I a part of her normality?

Did she just think of me as I thought of her?

Do you ache for simple touch? Her breath across your neck? Her silence?

Do you grow enraged when you realize she has not realized you?

Do you grow calm comforted by the thought that she has your heart and you have hers?

Do you trust?

Do you fear losing her?

Do you fear losing yourself in her?

Do you fear her support of your dreams will waiver? She has been your rock.

Do you fear her strength will die?

Do you worry if she’s whole with you in her existence? Do you desire to fill her gaps?

Do you want to parade her existence to the world as a part of your existence in the world?

Are you proud? Of her?

Do you desire to give her absolute happiness? To let her know she is always your first priority?

Does she make you think beyond a thought?

Does she touch your soul?

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