He’d broken her trust before they’d poured it’s foundation

Starting on an unstable base

Elements would waver it’s stance

He couldn’t let go of the numbers

Embarrassed to include her existence

His perpetual secret

Exposed when beneficial, a required power move

His calculated power couple

Formulated as a business plan

Marketed through channels visible only at his discretion to an audience of his control

All aspects

But she’d signed the agreement and construction had begun

Blueprints, equipment, concrete

Delays and changes

Consultants and contractors all offer design formats for his acceptance

Or rejection

He created their existence and he controlled it’s display

She wanted to be seen. He wanted to hide her

Protect her

Protect the others

Protect all the existences he’d constructed.

Showing her only enough to make her feel like the one. The one, only

Showing the lost. His proof

She feels it in every bone with every exclusion

Exclusions which are planned, angled, un-focused. Or focused only

Interest un-aligned, uncoordinated

Obvious exclusions for peace

Who’s peace?

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