Lucky Girl

She tells herself often, she’s a lucky girl

He has included her in his gift

His I has become We

His vision is of them

Success is not singular

Plural thoughts travel through his mind like bands of waves crossing a vast sea

Always moving

Always incompessing

His ideas transform into their realities

She is his balance in the chaos

His ataxia brought to simplicity, to focus, to calm

She is lucky to live up to his ambition

The past could not maintain the balance

Could not soothe his attention, against adequate nature, labeled as disorder

She was lucky

Lucky to have crossed paths with art

Searching for different amongst familiar

Frustrated and covered by her equals

He was inequality

Luck brought by the net he inhabits

Covered in psuedonames and darkness

He emerged like the sun after a devastating hurricane

Hope surrounded by diaster

Walking over pieces of her past, damaged by tossed stones of the inhabitants before, his sun felt safe

He encouraged her to use the discards to create beauty

He created for her

Lucky girl…

Alex S.

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