This love makes her sad, simply speaking.

His presence is intoxicating. His distance is debilitating.

She worries before there is worry. The center of her universe. Unapologetically always waiting for things to get hard because their love is so…

Perfect placement of ebbs and flows. Timed to precision. She worries that the gravitational axis will finally shift. Revealing its’ angst and destroying the rhythm.

Love that can’t function, worry that no one is better. No on watches like she does. No one sees the minute changes. Everyone listens yet no one watches.

Her unexpected motivation which she detest. When she is in her alone, he reveals his unintentional push. A push to be the best he’s ever. His forever.

Unhealthy love yet uncontrolling. Or subconsciously controlling. Indirect control. Reverse psychological control.

God gifted her and she worries she is not worthy. She lies in bed wondering when gravity will shift.

Not if.

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