Where do you come from?

Dear Anxiety,

Where do you come from?

All is beyond grace

No requirement to be present in any other moment than this one

Is it the perfection?

Is it failed promises, overcommittments you know will never be fulfilled

That’s it!

A reminder that I am a terrible friend

Terrible mentor

Fake employee

In your mind

Accolades under false impressions?


I am more than I think that I am

Consistent affirmations

So, let’s affirm again. Where do you come from?

Why in the middle of the night?

When I’ve finally turned off

Is it a subconscious reminder notification?

Can’t put that on do not disturb

Where do you come from?

How do you know when you have been called up to bat?

What is that chemical?

What is its’ antidote?

I know!

At least I think I do

Great, here you are again.



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